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Child Care in our Communities

East Central Alberta Child and Family Services' role is to provide parents access to a range of regulated and approved child care options.  Regulated and approved child care programs are continually monitored to ensure established standards are met and the children's health, safety and well being are protected.

Child Care Resources for Parents                                                                                                      

Finding quality child care:  What you need to know when choosing child care in Alberta.                                               


Locate more information about licensed or approved child care programs in East Central Alberta

Child Care Resources for Owner/Operators

If you're interested in opening a licensed child care program or wish to become an approved family day home provider, please click the approppriate link:

Opening a Licensed Child Care Program

Becoming a Family Day Home Provider


For more information on applying for a licence or to become an approved family day home provider, please contact Marlene Levitt, Early Learning and Child Care Consultant, by telephone at 780-608-1809.  


Early learning and child care centres can enhance their service quality and gain financial benefits through the Alberta Child Care Accreditation program. As of August 2010, 95 percent of day care and family day home programs and 82 percent of out-of-school care programs in the province of Alberta are either accredited or are in the process of becoming so. 

Inclusive Child Care

The East Central Alberta Child and Family Servces Authority (CFSA) developed an Inclusive Child Care Initiative to support the capacity of early learning and child care programs to include all children in their existing programs.

The East Central Alberta CFSA staff works together with a contracted agency, Midwest Family Connection, to deliver inclusive child care services.  Services include, but are not limited to: consultation, training, collaborative team planning and capacity building support.  Child and/or program specific services are available to all licensed and approved child care program with the East Central Alberta CFSA region.

Our Inclusive Child Care Initiative is designed:

  • To support the creation of an inclusive child care experience for children whose developmental needs are exceeding those of his or her typically developing peers and are presenting a barrier to successful inclusion in an earely learning and child care program.
  • To provide opportunity for further collaboration of those needing, providing and supporting children with special needs to access licensed and approved child care.
  • To promote the vision that inclusive child care benefits all children participating in early learning and child care programming.  Every child's unique abilities and individual strengths are acknowledged and celebrated.

To be considered for Inclusive Child Care serivces, agencies must complete an Inclusive Child Care Service Referral Form.

If you have any questions about information presented on this page, call:
Robert Andrews
Regional Specialist
Early Learning and Child Care
For toll-free access, first dial 310-0000

Human Services has additional information on child care programs and resources.

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